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September Issue (vol.087)

Featured Story 1:

- Health and Beauty

Featured Story 2:
- Grand Openings

Featured Story 3:
- Sweets and Snacks

Ochi's Los Angeles Up!:
Mr. Akira Nakahara


Freeze-Dry Food


Los Angeles's FIRST free monthly English publication aimed at introducing the Japan and real authentic Japanese cuisine and people living in the Greater Los Angeles area who have an interest in Japanese culture.
'JapanUp!' had debut July 1, 2007. 'JapanUp!' provides informative articles about the latest trends, in food, culture, and entertainment coming out of Japan. Additionally 'JapanUp!' shares the latest information about Japanese related businesses in the greater Los Angeles area and offer details about the latest Japanese restaurants, Japanese food recipes, Japanese fashion, Japanese cosmetics and beauty tips.

The First Fair Event at Marukai Gardena.